Community partners

When you book a tour or experience with the Favela Experience, part of what you pay goes directly to the favela partners, in order to finance a number of charity and social impact activities, such as culture classes, organic food sessions, yoga sessions, workshops, and other community events.

The mission of the partners is to work with the community, generating citizenship and providing professional, educational sports and cultural activities in Vidigal.


BatukaVI was created in Grenoble (38, France) in 2010 in the poorer neighborhoods of the city. Its main goal is to develop children into high quality musicians and to help young people to become respectful citizens, achieve great results in school, and increase their economic abundance. With the support of Favela Experience, BatukaVI reached the goal of 25,000 euros in a crowdfunding campaign, enabling them to come to Rio de Janeiro and play at the Club France Rio during the Olympic Games.

They will have the chance to live and share amazing moments with a variety of groups of young people from the favelas of Vidigal, Rocinha, and Santa Marta for a month. In addition, all the money over the targeted amount will be used to help the finance of arts and culture focused social projects in the favela of Vidigal and in Grenoble.

Favela + Verde

Favela + Verde is a project that encourages environmental sustainability education, through the creation of green spaces, workshops and the adoption of green habits, including not only our guests but the community.

We already have initiatives such as organic compost, rainwater collection, and garden space and are planning the future implementation of green energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint and utilities cost.

Volunteering Opportunities

For those who want to get more involved at the NGO or other social projects in the favelas, it is possible to apply for some amazing volunteering opportunities. You can check some opportunities in Atados website, Worldpackers website, or fill in the form bellow with the information needed. Come have an amazing social impact experience in Rio’s safest favela.


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