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Over the last 3 months we have collected a variety of Vidigal's most interesting and diverse residents and experiences. We seek to develop an online platform that offers commercial products that generate sustainable revenue and social impact for favela residents. But to make this dream a reality we need your help. Learn more about the projects and the amazing people behind them below and join the social impact movement today!


With the money raised through this campaign, we can finance the development and integration of the “experiences” platform on the Favela Experience site, whilst also producing communication materials and dissemination of experience and conduct training information and training with local actors.

Supporting the campaign is easy: just choose the amount you would like to contribute and proceed to the payment section of the website. Specific values are linked with rewards offers as a way to say thank you for your support. As a way to reward supporters, those individuals that back us will be the first people to reserve and participate in many of these initiatives. This means that you’ll not only help us to make the project a reality but you will help us put it in practice.

We need to raise a minimum of R$15,000. This amount will allow us to create and integrate an e-commerce system into a responsive platform that provides a higher level of customer service. In addition, we will develop materials for dissemination online and offline in our communication channels to promote the experiences registered. This amount also covers the creation advertising videos and the rewards we offer. Finally, we fund training to local staff to have the necessary skills and information to provide a high quality job and sustainable financial position.

With the finished product, tourists will be able to see the tours available in the community, read more about the local guides that run them, and book the experiences of your choice. Thus, these local initiatives will be more visible and accessible, creating a better understanding of life within the favelas, breaking the barriers of interaction between the communities and travelers.



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If you want to suport the idea and help us achieve our goal, click the button below and claim one of the following rewards as a form of gratitude for your support!




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