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Best Day In Rio

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Rocinha with Zezinho. The favela is a vibrant and friendly community, and we loved learning more about favela life, and dispelling some long-held myths about safety and society in the favelas. Not once did we feel unsafe, there were lots of friendly smiles from the residents, and the lunch was also great and the cheapest food we’ve eaten in Rio (churrasco BBQ and salad buffet). Our guide, Zezinho is a character, with residents calling out ‘Rocinha!’ as he walked past. Very well-priced, great value for money, and small group of four meant we felt like we were visiting and not ‘on a tour’.

Angelene Fay from Australia

Tourist, Rocinha Walking Tour


I Can’t Wait To Go Back to Rocinha

Thanks to Adam who’s in charge of the Favela Experience, I was able to find accommodation in Rocinha with a local family; it’s the best way to get to know people, their habits, culture, language and of course be able to share my experience and stories too. Some people would say it’s cheaper to live in a favela than in a pousada or in a hotel in Rio. It’s true, but it’s not the money that will attract youto the favela; it’s the dynamic experience and the interesting people.

Stey from France

Homestay Guest , at Casa de Mulher Maracuja

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